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Josh Kurtz, Center Maryland -- 

Erek Barron...cerebral former prosecutor; conscientious and working an array of issues. Was a big player in the criminal justice reform debate..."

The Washington Post --

...we support Erek Barron, a lawyer with a long history of public service. Mr. Barron would bring experience, savvy and a laudable focus on criminal justice matters to the legislature."

The Gazette -- 

Barron, a former prosecutor for the county state’s attorney’s office and the U.S. Department of Justice, is also well known for his community efforts, which include extensive efforts to improve legal aid for low-income residents. He’s in touch with the challenges facing the county, such as foreclosures, and has solid ideas to address them." 

John Gallagher, The Seventh State --

Erek Barron – An Attorney at Whiteford, Taylor & Preston, the newest addition to the District 24 Delegation has tremendous statewide potential. A former prosecutor (as an ASA in Prince George’s and Baltimore City as well as at the Department of Justice) who worked for then US Senator Joe Biden on Capitol Hill, Erek has as sterling a resume as any legislator. He also has an easy going charm and keen intelligence. Bonus Points: he played football at College Park."




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